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A blog about my life and experiences as a developer.


I am a Full-stack developer, writer, wanna-be podcaster, spoke at University Of Turbat (Photos, Slides), the first Laravel Pakistan Meetup (Slides) in Karachi. I have more than seven years experience working in the digital marketing industry as a Developer and Project Manager.

I have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on an array of environments, tools, technologies and languages. Linux, WAMP, PHP, JavaScript, ReST, JSON, HTML5, MySQL and Git to name a few.

I strive to write clean and maintainable code.

I like music of many genres ranging from Balochi Zaheerok to Metal Rock, instrumentals preferably.

I like to talk about languages of the world and know very basics of French and Persian. By the way, I have attended a full semester of French language certificate course during my Masters at the University of Karachi.

I’m currently working as the Web Developer at The University Of Turbat. Previously: The First Steps School Quetta remotely. Previously: Dev Team Manager at The Brand Crew Pvt. Ltd., Karachi


Image of Viktor Tóth Viktor Tóth says

Hi JeyKeu,
I am Viktor and I want to ask about your mediaelement js playlist from github. It's pretty nice, but i have a problem:
I want to clear the standard playlist, and put an another via an single button. I tried that with my Javascript, but just the standard src attribute changed. I cannot reach your source tags via DOM, even if it be in a tag.
Please help me
Yours sincerely

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