A Case of Bad User Experience

03 August 2013Junaid Qadir2 min read317 Words
A Case of Bad User Experience

Last week I have been working on a couple of projects. I use Windows, unfortunately on my company-provided Dell INSPIRON. Apparently I haven't changed anything to the system in terms of (un)installing applications except I was just preparing a keyboard layout for a friend. After I was done , I wanted to try it out on my system but soon I found out that I have the same keyboard already installed. Which I went on to uninstall and rebooting my system. As I logged in, this dialog popped up and stayed for a while, while I wondered what on earth this thing doing to my system!!

[caption id="attachment_306" align="aligncenter" width="290"]Bad UX A dotNet application being installed[/caption]

The title-bar says "Launching Application". Come on! you don't want me to guess what application. We are not playing some kind of guess game here! Its my PC man!

You PC starts and you see some crazy thing like this, definitely you're going to react.

This is Windows. Its not 3.1 or 95 or Millennium or 98 or even XP, its The Microsoft Windows 7!

Whatever it was it was some .Net app. Now I'm not sure whether my keyboard layout caused this or something else, but this is the worst user experience.

The dialog has conversation but its talking something which user fails to understand. Its not clear which application is being referred to, and the dialog disappears on its on not giving me any information what happened afterwards, Whether the app failed or was successfully installed. In any case the user was kept in darkness.

For me I'll dig it up, I have to look it up in the event viewer, but what about the average user?

Will they have to live with that clumsy dialog box who is master of its will.

Thanks for reading.

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