My Free Programming Course & Why It's A Great Opportunity For You To Join

04 February 2019Junaid Qadir2 min read386 Words
My Free Programming Course & Why It's A Great Opportunity For You To Join

As promised in my previous post, I have partnered with one of the oldest community centers of Turbat, RCDC to teach programming basics to anyone with no prior experience with programming, for free. Yes, you read that right!

What is RCDC?

Rural Community Development Council Kech (RCDC) is a not-for-profit, which was established on 1972 and registered under the Social Welfare Department Act of Pakistan 1961. Their objectives that resonated really well with me is to introduce technical education among youth and career counseling.

RCDC has been offering a free Computer literacy program since 2005 where hundreds of young students who otherwise couldn't afford to pay fees to learn computers, have learned to use a computer as well as learn to work on Office products such as Word and Excel.

The Programming Course

For anyone who learns to write code, opens up their minds and gives them wonderful problem solving skills. It will also make you be able to create something cool for yourself, make it Open Source so that others can benefit from it, sell it or work for someone in your own time without even going to an office!

The course I'm offering gives me an amazing opportunity to give back to my community and for the students a great opportunity to learn programming basics from someone who has a decade worth of experience in coding.

Course Registration & Venue

Course registration may have already been closed when you are reading this post. Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to get an update when I announce the next batch.

If you have registered and confirmed your seat, I highly recommend you attend all the classes in order to be able to get a greater understanding of the concepts I'll be teaching so that you can write code on your own without much trouble.

Time and venue of the class will be finalized and announced on RCDC's Facebook page.

Update On Class Timings

Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am (Morning) to 12:00pm (Noon) starting from February 9th 2019.

See you in a future post again.

If you can help me translate this post in Balochi or Urdu then let me know in the comments.

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