Timber 1.9.0 Released

16 February 2019Junaid Qadir1 min read101 Words
Timber 1.9.0 Released

Timber community have released Timber 1.9.0 on Feb 14th, 2019.

Timber now requires PHP 5.6 or higher and in coming versions of Timber support for PHP 5.5 or lower won't be maintained.

In this release Theme developers will be able to get roles of the post/page by doing

1{{ post.author.roles }}

which returns an array with roles assigned to this user/author.

Also, this release adds support for checking user capabilities.

Here's how

1{{ post.author.can("moderate_comments") }}

Check out all the Roles and Capabilities provided by WordPress.

Check out the release notes for Timber 1.9.0 on GitHub.

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