Vimeo: How to search videos like a ninja?

17 February 2013Junaid Qadir2 min read213 Words
Vimeo: How to search videos like a ninja?

Vimeo has a rich database of many amazing videos contributed by millions of users and producers. Vimeo search is not mature enough in 2013.

The plus point (out of many): its ad-free.

The point that freaks me out: search.

Believe it or not Vimeo has no idea what a user is looking for, making you believe that the content you are looking for doesn't exists on Vimeo.

Vimeo search results

Before you dump Vimeo of for good, let me share a little secret with you and you will be searching Vimeo like a ninja.

I'm sure Goolge is your best friend (if not,its time to do so).

So, without further delay here's the secret:

All you have to do is:

  • goto Google
  • type `vimeo` and the video title you are looking for on Vimeo

e.g: vimeo be here now ray lamontagne or let me Google that for you

Goole search results

Thanks for reading.

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