Introducing `branch`, a Timber based responsive starter theme for WordPress

Ever since I discovered Timber library for WordPress, I’ve become fond of it. It makes developing themes a breeze and cuts development time straight to half.

Enter branch

branch is a Bootstrap based responsive starter theme with the goodness of Timber.


  • Responsive
  • Uses Timber library
  • Uses Less
  • NPM as package manager
  • Integrated with Grunt

Installation and Usage

  • Clone the repo into the themes directory of your WordPress installation:git clone your-theme-name
  • Change to the your-theme-name directory
  • Remove the .git directory and run git init to initialize your own git repo
  • Open up style.css and modify theme name and other details to your liking


  • Edit grunt/open.js and replace http://localhost to match your WordPress installation URL.
  • Make sure you have nodejs installed and run npm install
  • and then grunt watch

You write all your css in less from less/site.less and is already compiled and referenced in your style.css out-of-the-box. So as long as grunt watch is running and you make any changes, they are compiled, merged and minified into css/all.min.css

Give it a shot and if you like it do star the repo on GitHub and share it with your friends.