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My Near-Perfect Grunt Workflow

Published on 12 Apr 2015
Web Development
My Near-Perfect Grunt Workflow

Gulp is awesome but I’m accustomed to Grunt therefore I decided to stick to it for as long as I can and make my Grunt workflow near-perfect.

I heavily rely on the awesome load-grunt-config add-on to do me the heavy-lifting of autoloading my other add-ons. All I have to do is drop a new file to my grunt directory to add a new add-on.

My workflow has it all from compiling less, to copying fonts to my fonts directory, to jshinting, concating, minifying and finally launching the project site.

I can even make a build of my project on the fly.

What else one can wish for after having all the build blessings.
I think We all are lucky to have Grunt in our lives to make it a notch simple.

Feel free to ask for my workflow, I’d be more than happy to share it with you folks.


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