Turning Goolge Instant Search suggestions off

According to Google

Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search

But for me 2 or 5 second should not be a big deal at all. As I have a slow connection most of the time therefore the “Instant” predictions stays disappeared for longer than 5 seconds and that becomes annoying for the curious searchers. Then I’d be like “get me out of here!” after refreshing the page numerous times.
So, how can you turn that thing off?

Well, that’s pretty easy just head to your Google Search Settings and click on “Never show Instant results” under Google Instant predictions

One response to “Turning Goolge Instant Search suggestions off

  1. Ghulam Mustafa Avatar

    yes, that is true for me sometimes too!
    but the worst thing is that, when the instant search suggestion is on, neither the return key works, when you have typped your search keywords!

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