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UniBal To Sayad Script Experiment

This is just an experiment to demonstrate conversion from UnBal script to Sayad Script. Please note that this is not a 100% accurate but its pretty close. Comment below and let me know what you think?

اے بس یکّ ایکسپیریمنٹے اے پیش دارگ ءِ واستہ کہ یونی بل رھبند سید رھبند تہہ ءَ چوں کنورٹ کنئگ بیت۔ اے سد در سد ایکوریٹ نہ انت بلے نزّیک انت۔ جہل ءَ کمنٹ بکن ات ءُ بگوش ات کہ شمئے چے ھیال انت؟

Download UniBal Keyboard from here.

Type in UniBal here and click Convert button
The converted text will appear here.


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Image ofAqeel AhnedAqeel Ahned says

It’s great. Can it work the other way round?

Image ofJunaid QadirJunaid Qadir says

Thanks! At the moment it only works forom UniBal to Sayad. Sayad to UniBal will have it's challenges as with the Arabic script itself. But it is doable.

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